When it comes to complaining, nobody does it better than the fine folks who call New Jersey home. And we all have pet peeves.

I have one that's a little unusual, and I wonder if it has ever crossed your mind, too. One of my pet peeves is, of all things, about pizza. Now, what could possibly be wrong with pizza? Well, I found something.

Let's set the stage. You're in a pizza mood and you call in your order. You wait those agonizing 30 minutes for the pizza to be delivered (it would have only been 15 minutes if 15 if you picked it up).

It finally arrives. You grab a dish, a drink and sit down to dig in. You go to grab a slice and half the pie comes up with it, along with all of the cheese. And now two thirds of the toppings are sitting in the bottom of the box.

Why? Because when the pie was sliced, the pizza cutter didn't go all the way through and now you have to get your own knife to do it, or if you're too lazy for that like I am, you just rip this pizza to shreds.

Is it too much to ask to keep those pizza cutters sharp enough to cut through the whole pie? I mean the average pie is probably less than a half inch thick, and yet I'm ripping pieces apart with my bare hands.

And by the way sub shops, you're not exempt from this pet peeve either. Cut that sub all the way through!

Alright, I'm done. I love the pizza, I love the subs and like a good Jersey Shore resident, I'm just looking for the fastest way to get there. Thank you for hearing me out.

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