It's Valentine's Day season here at the Jersey Shore. Love should be in the air and romance should be on everyone's mind. Or maybe not.

We asked Jersey Shore women to describe their expectations of how well the love of their life will come through with romance and thoughtful gifts this Valentine's Day Their responses are, how can put this politely. very realistic.

When it comes to how well the guys will come through romantically, women of the Jersey Shore are not exactly holding their breath. The top response "I Love him, but I'm not expecting much" received a whopping 41% of the vote.

This may make you feel better. He knows what I want and I'm expecting it came in second place with 24% of the vote.  18% of Jersey Shore women say all they want is some effort, and we don't doubt that the guys will try their best.

If you think most women don't even care what the he does, they'll be happy with it, that sentiment did not show up in the poll. As a matter of fact, only 6% of responders said that. My favorite response came from 12% of the women who said I want a little romance, I'll get little lingerie instead.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I hope things are even better than your expectations. In many cases, how can it not be?

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