Now that the holiday season is behind us, but there's no time to rest. It's time to deal with the holiday clean up.

There are several things that come to my mind this time of year and none of them are necessarily any fun. Let's start with the obvious.

Clean up. I did a little informal survey last week, and over 75% of Jersey Shore residents I talked to said that this week is the week they plan to wrap up the decorations and pack them away for the year.

It's never as much fun taking them down as it was putting them up, and sometimes it's not even fun putting them up!

Pay up. This is the time of year that you dread getting the mail each day, or looking on your online bank statement. It's time to deal with the price tag of the holiday season. And that's never fun.

Pack up. You have to find room for that new sweater in that closet of yours, so it's time to pack up some stuff and ship it out. Maybe the trash. maybe there's some stuff you can donate, but it has to go somewhere.

Count up. We all ate way too much during the holidays, so it's time to start counting up those calories again. Great.

Ahh, January. It can really take the joy out of Christmas, right? But January also brings the promise and hope of a brand new year, and we are a month closer to summer, so there is that.

So, if you're not into bills, resolutions, dieting and snow, than the only good news is that February is about three weeks away.

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