We're just about a month away from Valentine's Day and we thought you'd want to know if the one you love wants a Valentine's surprise this year.

We asked women in Monmouth & Ocean Counties whether they wanted to give their guy some idea about what they wanted for Valentine's Day or they just wanted to be surprised, and the voting was pretty close.

I'm not sure these results will help guys, but here we go. If you were planning a complete surprise, that would be just fine with 29% of the women who responded to the poll. Another 29% don't mind a surprise, but only if they have already steered you in the right direction.

But the top vote getter in this one shows a little hesitation in the shopping trust department. 36% of the women said that the guys need specific instructions in order to get it right.The remaining 7% said they don't exchange gifts.

So guys, if you don't absolutely know what she likes when it comes to this topic, you may want to ask for some advice. Remember, 65% of the woman want to tell you what they want, or at least have the opportunity to point you in the right direction. Good luck!


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