As the Yankees enter the American League Championship Series, most Yankees fans couldn't be happier with their team.

But we all know that baseball fans around here can be pretty tough on their team's manager. Just ask former Mets manager Terry Collins. A few nights ago, lots of Yankees fans were screaming for change after a particularly bad night for Joe Girardi.

But since that night, the team hasn't lost a game, and there's nothing that brings forgiveness from Jersey Shore fans more than a few wins, especially one's that lead you to a championship series.

So, our latest Jersey Shore poll set out to find out if Yankees fans around the Jersey Shore are sticking with Girardi or looking to start fresh. We purposely wanted to do the poll before the end of the playoffs to see if anything changes afterward.

So lets talk results. Apparently Yankees fans are a loyal bunch. After a 3 game winning streak that led the Bombers to a League Championship Series, a whopping 73% of Jersey Shore Yankees fans want the big guy back!

But not everyone is convinced. Even though, by most accounts, the Yankees have already surpassed expectations for this season, 20% of fans say they want to wait until the conclusion of the playoffs to make up their mind.

And there is a small group of voters (7%) who don't care about the good season or the surprise playoff run. For these fans, Girardi "annoys" them, and they want him out.

So it looks like the Jersey Shore Yankees are loving the skipper. We'll revisit this after the playoffs to see if anyone changed their mind.

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