The results are in, and among all the things that annoy us here at the Jersey Shore, we now know what annoys us the most.

In a poll last week we asked you if you had to pick just one thing that annoys you the most about the Jersey Shore, what would it be? For many, it wasn't easy to narrow it down, but here are the results we got.

The Jersey Shore being too crowded was a popular answer, coming in third with 21%. We knew money would be an issue in this poll, and it was, getting 30% of the vote, but that was only enough to get 2nd place.

So what is the most annoying thing about the Jersey Shore, according to your vote? It shouldn't come as a surprise that the #1 answer we got on our poll was that world famous Jersey Shore traffic. As a matter of fact, it got nearly 49% of your vote.

So good luck on those Jersey Shore roads today and remember to not let the traffic annoy you too much. There's plenty more in your day that will upset you, so pace yourself!

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