Would you like to zip around Point Pleasant Beach on a scooter? If you live there, will this bug you? I can see both sides. I'm always there on day visits so I love the idea but I can imagine residents will find it annoying.

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A scooter company, Bird Scooters, approached Council President Arlene Testa about the idea about partnering with an electric scooter program. Bird partners with cities all across the the world and they are having huge success. Their message is "Less traffic. Less Carbon. Together."  It's great for the environment and they are a lot of fun but walkers and drivers do have to stay alert when these guys are zipping around. What do you think? Do you want to see this come to Point Pleasant Beach? I can say this much, they make it easy to rent these scooters...check out the app here.

Mayor Kanitra agrees that they can reduce traffic and be another fun draw for Point Pleasant Beach.  She's mentioned that she has used these types of scooters before and she feels that they could benefit the town.

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The trolley will not be running this summer so this option could offer a nice transportation solution from downtown to the Beach area.   The scooters will not be authorized in places like the boardwalk or Route 35.  It seems like the addition is being strongly considered.

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