If it wasn't for property taxes, would New Jersey be #1 for anything. Well, another publication confirms we're at the top of the property tax mountain.

There are many lists you'd rather not have the state you live in be on top of, and certainly property taxes are among them, and yet once again, our Garden State is the confirmed property tax leader.

This time around, it's 24/7 Wall St. confirming what just about all of us already knew. We pay property taxes in the Garden State that make residents of every single other state in the nation say 'wow'.

The fact that we top this list does not surprise us, but looking at some of the numbers are eye opening at the least, and in some cases downright nauseating. Look at these stats if you dare.

Our effective property tax rate is 2.16%. It's the highest in the nation and one of only two states north of 2% (Illinois is the other).

Per capita property taxes $3074.43. Ouch, that's tops in the nation as well. And it's also one of only two states over $3000, with New Hampshire at about $3054.

Knowing that the property taxes in New Jersey are through the roof is not news to most of us, but that doesn't make some of these numbers jaw dropping anyway.

I'd love to say it's a small price to pay for living in a great place like the Jersey Shore, but it's not. It;s a very, very high price to pay.

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