These teens have come together to help disabled kids, at-risk teens, veterans, and rescued animals...all in one place. But they need enough money to get this done before winter hits...and before they lose out on $50,000.

Drew and Heather Paglia, Millstone teens ages 16 and 13, have created a NJ nonprofit organization called 5Help Foundation, where everyone's $5 can lead to big change and help for those who need it.

Drew and Heather launched  at the onset of the Covid pandemic asking for 5-dollar donations to support first responders, small businesses, and senior citizens. They were featured on national TV, radio, and in numerous publications for their effort and mission to help others while trying to engage other kids, teens and young adults to become part of the solution and their 5Help Team movement. They quickly branched out to helping numerous areas of need and support with their 5-dollar challenges to make a difference and to date have raised $34,000 helping others.

For this particular fundraiser, Drew and Heather have joined forces with Tim Rohrer, a 20-year-old with autism. Tim has created “Tip4Inclusion,” a campaign that includes his famous guide “How to be a Good Influence to People with Disabilities” (which was published by the NJ Coalition of Inclusive Education.)

(Millstone teens with Allaire Community Farm members, photo courtesy of Amy Rohrer)
(Millstone teens with Allaire Community Farm members, photo courtesy of Amy Rohrer)

These Millstone teens did not know of Tim Rohrer until this past spring, but were quickly impressed with his work and felt like he would be the perfect addition to their 5Help Team.

Drew and Heather have asked Tim (also from Millstone) to become a member of their board of directors and team partner as their autism spokesperson to help promote projects for special needs kids and adults. In return, the Paglia teens will support Tim with his work to get his message of inclusion out to as many places as possible. These young adults share a passion to make a difference in the world and, by joining forces, they feel they will be more powerful with their work and ability to make a difference.

So now they  have teamed up to begin a project working with Allaire Community Farm in Wall Township. The farm's mission is to help nurture special needs adults and children with their various programs and they are in a race against time to help fund the building of an indoor riding arena that is desperately needed before this winter.

This building will allow Allaire Community Farm to become a year round facility so that lessons and programs will be able to go on regardless of the weather and allow the farm to become more sustainable financially.

Their first project together is taking place at Allaire Community Farm during a concert series event on September 19th and 26th.

To learn more about all of these amazing causes that are working together for the good of our community, or to make donations to any of them, here are the links:

CLICK HERE to donate to the barn raising through 5Help so that they can meet their goal of $100,000 (with close to $67,000 already raised) so that they will get the additional corporate donation of $50,000.

CLICK  HERE to learn more about the 5Help Foundation

CLICK HERE to learn more about Tim Rohrer's Tips4Inclusion

CLICK HERE to learn more about Allaire Community Farm

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