If someone asked you what the best and worst things about New Jersey are, how would you answer?

I bet each of us have a handful of things that immediately come to mind for each category. I was able to give my answer to each before seeing the results revealed at 24/7 Wall St. which listed the results for each state.

My answers are simple. The best thing about New Jersey...the people. Disregard the stereotypical jokes by all the uncreative (is that a word?) joke writers who don't even live here. We have good, good people.

And the worst thing about the state is the high price tag of...well...just about everything. The cost of living in the Garden State is enough to test the nicest of people. We literally pay the price for living here.

So what did 24/7 Wall St. come up with for answers on this one? For the beat thing about New Jersey? We spend the most on pre-K programs for the kids (about $12,000 per enrolled child).

And the worst thing about the Garden State? We are the home to the most hazardous waste sites (114 in our little state).

What do you think are the best and worst things about New Jersey? Let us know!

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