Typically its a big honor to have a rest stop named after you.  Plenty of famous NJ celebs do...but when Gov. Phil Murphy announced the nine Hall of Fame members that would be honored, The Boss was not on that list.  He wasn't snubbed, he said, thanks but no thanks...but WHY?

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The stop in question was for The Monmouth County service area in Wall which is just minutes from where he made a name for himself.  Instead it's going to be named after author Judy Blume.

A spokeswoman for the new Jersey Hall of Fame said, "Bruce Springsteen respectfully declined to have a service area named after him, it should be noted, though, that Bruce has been very supportive of the New Jersey Hall of Fame over the years, and is very much a part of the fabric of the Hall."  This had me wondering, why did he decline?

The nine service areas in New Jersey will be renamed as follows:

  • Montvale: James Gandolfini Service Area
Getty Images
  • Brookdale North: Larry Doby Service Area
Getty Images
  • Brookdale South: Connie Chung Service Area
Getty Images for IWMF
  • Vauxhall: Whitney Houston Service Area
Getty Images
  • Cheesequake: Jon Bon Jovi Service Area
Getty Images for LOVE ROCKS NYC/
  • Monmouth: Judy Blume Service Area
Getty Images/WireImage
  • Forked River: Celia Cruz Service Area
Getty Images
  • Atlantic: Frank Sinatra Service Area
Getty Images
  • Ocean View: Toni Morrison Service Area

I was trying to figure out why The Boss would decline something like this and then I thought maybe it had something to do with his now dropped DWI and reckless driving charges earlier this year?  Of course they realized he was not drunk, he complied and paid a $540 fine and it was off his record. I can see how that hassle would leave a bad taste in his mouth.  I'm sure the drama surrounding the Jeep ad as a result of that mishap added more salt to the wound too. He may be distancing himself from driving or cars after that period. That is the only reason I can think of. In any event, The Boss' legacy is much more than a rest stop.

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