A dad, who is a musician and the owner of a much-loved music school in Neptune City, has heartbreakingly written the words that no parent ever wants to say.

Rock drummer Joe Nevolo, owner of Big Beat Music Studio in Neptune City and known for years in the Asbuty Park area, is sharing a father's love for his son in a gut-wrenching tribute.

Today I share it with you because we parents understand a bond so strong and powerful that it will never end. And because I also have spent my life as a mom constantly worrying about my boys and telling them to be careful. Joe, I hope that you and your family are surrounded by love.

Joe's Tribute:

"My son, Anton Nevolo, was a man of amazing talent and personality, from his magnetic persona & vigor with everyone he met, accompanied by his uncanny ability to pick things up so easily and effortlessly, as he did with guitar, surfing, snowboarding ,drums, dancing , and countless other things.
He was a graduate of Scranton University with a major in marketing, studied abroad in Australia for a semester, and spent some time living in San Diego, California, which he loved. He even had visions of purchasing an RV and traveling the country while maintaining his successful insurance job.
I’ve been a musician my whole life, and at times, it was difficult to get gigs. Anton started a duo, and after only a couple of weeks, he booked a great first gig at the Asbury Hotel, featuring his name “Anton Nevolo” on the Marquee. I was always a very proud father and he made that easy.
On Saturday, September 19th, I received a call from my older son Zack that no parent should ever receive. He was crying and saying that my beloved son Anton passed away in his sleep. Every night before I fell asleep, since my kids were born, I would always pray to God first and foremost for the health, safety, and happiness of Anton and his older brother Zak, and now he is gone.
Everything at the time seemed to be going very great for Anton; he had a successful job as a health insurance agent with a new office in Asbury Park that he was excited about, and he was young with his whole life ahead of him.
Anton, my love for you will be with me every moment of my life until I take my final breath on this earth. I will always hold the great and wonderful memories of the times we shared together, going back to when you were an infant in my arms up until our last Sunday together on September 13 at Zak and Brittani’s home, holding you near and saying “I Love You with all my heart”.
Joe and Anton, photo from Joe Nevolo
Joe and Anton, photo from Joe Nevolo

I can only hope and pray with God’s Healing Grace that the pain and suffering will lesson in time. As you, Zak, and your mom know, I tend to worry a bit; my worrying was always for all of your well being. I was always saying “Be careful driving, watch closing the van door, be very careful crossing the street, (I know my mother’s worry rubbed off on me.)

As I mentioned to you, Anton, when we were talking about your brother Zak and Brittani’s new baby this coming December, there is no greater love in this world than the love for your children. I know my mom in heaven can hear me today, and I know she will take great care of you, Anton, as she did of me.
Anton, you will never be forgotten for one second. Remembering back when you were a baby, up until our last day together, you were always, kind, well- mannered, thoughtful , respectful and most of all a “Cool as Hell” son. Some of the fun times we shared from the small apartment on Sylvania Avenue when you were a baby, to your big home on Nurko Road, were playing basketball, football, hanging out by your pool, going to the Philadelphia Eagles game with you and Zak (that was totally awesome), all the way to making our trips to the diner and watching action movies at Big Beat, with you surprising me with my favorite treats, lemonheads and black licorice.
These memories and so much more I will always treasure for the rest of my days on earth.There are times in life when you look back and times when you look to your dying day. I envisioned my 2 kids, you and Zachary, seeing you both for the last time while on my death bed, imagining the intense lasting stare full of love I would give you like my mom gave to my 2 brothers Jimmy and John and I. Now I will have to wait to see you in Heaven.
I would give my life to share just another minute with you again, Anton.
Your Broken hearted Dad,
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