December is here, and for so many, all thoughts turn to the holiday season. Our latest Jersey Shore poll turned to Christmas movies.

We asked you, in our latest Jersey Shore poll, which Christmas movie was your all time favorite, and although it's not easy to sift through all those movies, your votes have crowned a pretty decisive winner.

None of the classics, like It's A Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th St. made our top 3. Those spots were saved for relatively contemporary movies. So which movies made the Jersey Shore's top3 All Time Favorite Movies list?

Well. coming in at # 3 were two great Christmas movies that wound up in a #3 deadlock with 12% of your votes, and they are Home Alone and Polar Express. We're such overachievers in New Jersey. Only we can have 4 movies in the top 3!

So that brings us to the #2 Christmas movie all time, according to your votes. That honor belongs to the oldest of the top 3 movies, and what a classic it is. 1983's A Christmas Story grabbed 18 of the votes.

And that brings us to #1. We are proud to announce that the honor of being named  Jersey Shore's all time favorite Christmas movie belongs to the Will Ferrell classic Elf. The movie received 29% of the votes, easily making it #1.

This is one of those polls that is a little tough to wrap your head around because there are so many movies to consider. For those true classic Christmas movie fans, don't worry. We're going to do a classic Christmas movie poll coming soon!

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