We've all heard about the quarantine fifteen, and in many cases, we fear that number might even be higher. It's been a tough year so far.

Let's start by giving ourselves a break. We all had to eat what was around, and even if we were normally pretty disciplined before, we really had no choice at times. And now those exceptions may have been the beginning of some bad habits creeping back into our world.

The only thing we can do now is put it behind us and get back on track. I say we take the first step today and throw away three things in your refrigerator that are bad habits, according to Eat This, Not That that may have resurfaced during the pandemic.

Let's start now, so that we don't have to panic the next time someone says the three most dreaded words at the Jersey Shore...bathing suit season. I know we know these, but here is a refresher we could all use.

Dieting? Throw These Out

It's been a long year, and nobody should judge themselves or anyone else on eating habits after all we've been through, but let's all take this first step together. We'll get there!

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