Halloween is not that far off, and I'm sure you've seen those costume shops popping up all over the place.

I took a spin through one over the weekend with Duzzy, who seemed baffled at the endless 'sexy' costumes for ladies.

Here's a collection of the most ridiculous 'sexy' costumes I've come across.

1. Sexy Chinese Take-Out Container


The site added, 'He'll want to take you out when you wear this sexy Chinese takeout costume.' Nothing says sex appeal like a fortune cookie on your head.

 2. Sexy Mental Patient


'No amount of medication can keep her from going crazy over you.' I thought guys wanted to AVOID the crazy chicks?

3. Sexy Chewbacca


Alright, that's just some weird Star Wars fetish gone very, horribly wrong.

4. Sexy...prostitute?


This was labeled a 'working girl' costume. That's just lazy.

5. Sexy Ernie


Anyone else really creeped out by this? (There was a matching 'sexy Bert' costume, too.)

6. Sexy Luigi


One of my favorite joke costumes of the last few years was seeing guys dress up as Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Brothers. Sexy Luigi? Pretty sure a mustache on a girl is a turn-off.

7. Sexy Ninja Turtle


You can choose from Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, or Michaelangelo...a four-pack of mutant turtles? It's just ridi...oh, who am I kidding...I'm pretty sure I found my costume for this year. (Leonardo, for the win!)

Don't even get me started on the teen costumes. It's frightening. What's the most ridiculous Halloween costume you've ever seen? Tell us in the comment section below!