We know how yummy their food is...but after my unusual experience at the Howell location of Chick-fil-A, I really wanted to have a talk with the owners!

I recently wrote a story about what happened to me when I went to the Howell Chick-fil-A, and it went viral. So many of you had comments to make about both the Howell and the Brick locations of this restaurant, that it got the owners' attention and they came up to our studios to have a talk.

CLICK HERE to read the original blog, in case you missed it.

(Townsquare Media)
(Townsquare Media)

...and here's the video of what happened when they came to visit us today! In addition to this video, I learned that their biscuits are made fresh each morning, they have just finished raising money for both the Frances Foundation for kids with cancer and Fulfill, the Foodbank of Monmouth/Ocean, and have taken military veterans on a road trip to see all of the monuments in Washington DC this past weekend. There is a reason you so often hear "It is my pleasure to serve you" when you walk in the doors of this restaurant. So meet Jeff Bassett,from the Howell store, Ted Reim, from the Brick store, and Shawn Paul, the Catering Director of the Brick location. And don't forget, for all of their great successes, they remain able to be closed on Sundays! Thanks so much, guys, for giving us the pleasure of meeting you in person after all the great things our community has said about you!


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