There are a lot of things girls can deal with, and then there are things that are absolute deal breakers.According to Men's Health in a report at, there are some traits that will ruin any guy's chances. Here are a few of them. See if you agree.

Insecurity. Most women are attracted to a confident guy. Experts say guys shouldn't look for compliments or approval. Instead, let her know you're happy with you.

Hygiene. Do we really even need to say it? Is it worth mentioning to the guys, that you may need to be aware that a girl's definition of "clean" might be a little different than yours. Learn her definition. For everyone's sake.

Neediness. She wants a guy who can take care of his own life. so if your looking for validation, or you need to dump all your fears on her on the first date, there probably won't be a second.