There is a lot we know about New Jersey, but there is always something to learn about the Garden State. today we find out about things you might not know are made in the Garden State.

So with all that knowledge you have about the Garden State, lets' see if you knew about these items, some of which you use every day are made with pride right here in New Jersey.

Made In New Jersey

Of course, we all know that soup is made in the Garden State with the Campbell's Company, and there are more great products out of the Garden State like First Field Ketchup and Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy, according to Only In Your State. And there are more, so check them out.

And if you're looking for more New Jersey pride, NJM has a great lists of firsts in the Garden State, like the first baseball game , first submarine ride and the tallest water tower.

With all the bad press we get here in the Garden State, it's nice to celebrate the great things about our state, and learning about it is fun, too!

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