Have you taken advantage of the free Coastline Shuttle in Avon? A Jersey Shore guy came up with a great idea to help beach goers!

Back in 2011 when Monmouth County resident Bryan Nesci was attending Stevens Institute of Technology, he created the Coastline Shuttle, an idea he had been thinking of since he was younger.

Ever since Bryan had gotten his driver's license and his mom had stopped driving him to the beach, he realized how much time was wasted out of a beach goers' day just searching for a parking spot close enough to lug all of the kids and beach chairs, umbrellas, etc.

He would see families walking for blocks and blocks with little kids, or a driver dropping off the family near the beach entrance, and then take a half hour or more to find parking and be able to join up with the family, only to have to make that reverse trek at the end of the day to walk blocks and blocks back to the car and pull it up, where a tired family has been waiting and waiting to get in and go.

So it became Bryan's goal to eliminate the frustration and give people more time to do what they came for: enjoy a day at the beach by providing a shuttle service.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

Bryan also wanted to keep the rides free. He figured that with everything people already have to pay for, it would be nice to give them a break. That's where sponsors come in. It's because of the sponsors that the rides are free.

Some of Bryan's local sponsors include Neves Jewelers, Blue Cottage Linens, Belmar Parasail, Adam Saber Entertainment, and even corporate sponsors like Corona.

You can find Bryan (who, by the way, is so laid back and happy that he will put you in a good mood) shuttling beach goers during the day in Avon and sometimes Belmar, and now he has expanded the hours to cover evenings on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights because he realized that free rides to the restaurants and bars was another needed service. So now you can take advantage of Wine & Dine, with free shuttle service each way!

So how do you get a ride? He drives up and down the streets, so you can wave him down, or you can text him for a ride: (805) 262-7812.

And, new this year, Coastline Shuttle is forming a partnership with The Free Ride. His goal is to eventually bring shuttle service all the way up and down the shoreline.

And in case you're wondering what Bryan does on the off season, he works for Red Bank Catholic teaching math, science and CADD as well as expanding their STEM program.

For more info on Coastline Shuttle, CLICK HERE and HERE!


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