There is a couple from Toms River who will be celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary in less than a week, and when they talk, we listen.

There was an adorable story from New Jersey News 12 about Emily and Jack Mascola. He is 99 and she is 98, and in less than a week they will celebrate the 75th anniversary of their wedding day on May 9,1943.

When you have seen as much as they have and been through so many things together, you learn what's important in a relationship, and in life. So what word is a key word to success according to Jack?

That word is commitment, according to the News 12 article, and Jack says that you "can't expect every day to be sunny".

I love that, because so many of us keep our expectations unreasonably high and think things need to be perfect to work. Maybe Emily and Jack can be an inspiration to us all. We hope this adorable couple has a great anniversary and we wish them all the best.

And we thank Jack for his service to our nation in World War II.

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