The survey results are in and here are your top 3 choices.

The overwhelming #1 response as to what store or restaurant you want in your neighborhood is:

Trader Joe's.

Respondents said they would most like to see a Trader Joe's in Brick, Howell, Wall, Point Pleasant, and Toms River.

Many of those surveyed said there are very limited choices for food shopping, yet Shrewsbury is just too far to travel for a Trader Joe's.

Tied for #2:

Cracker Barrel, with many saying that even though there is one going up in Freehold, it's still too far. Folks in Brick and Wall especially would like to see this restaurant in their area.


Wegman's, with many in both Brick and Toms River asking to have more than just Shop Rite to choose from.

And at #3:

PF Changs has been requested frequently for the northern Ocean/southern Monmouth area. Again...people don't seem to want to leave the Toms River/Wall/Point/Brick area to travel to Freehold for this restaurant.

Other interesting requests for the Wall Township area:

-- A Dining Movie Theatre multiplex (the closest one is in Middlesex County).

-- A National Hotel Chain for the Wall area (there are plenty of small hotels along route 35 but most of them have turned into long-term housing, not to mention the drug and prostitution busts at several of them.)

-- An ice rink, flea market/large farmer's market, and arcade/sportsplex for kids.

-- Many in Middletown requested a WalMart and Christmas Tree Shop.

Out of my own curiosity, tell me why you love Trader Joe's so much!

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