We really have been spoiled over the past few weeks with mild enough weather that I have been able to walk the boardwalk almost every day. But I guess we're not going to get away with that for much longer.

In fact, our meteorologist says there are some threats of snow and ice on the way.

Anyway, Townsquare's Chief Meteorologist, Dan Zarrow, says that Thursday may be the kickoff to actual winter weather for the Jersey Shore. SAD FACE!!!!!

First, temps will drop significantly, and then, by Saturday we could be looking at storm system, which, if it hits us (right now it's iffy) could mean SNOW. ....and, if we really get get jinxed...BIG SNOW.

And if that's not enough....there could be an ARCTIC BLAST after the snow at the beginning of next week.

It is hard enough readjusting to the swing of the work/life routine now that the holidays are over, and many of us get depressed this time of year because we have nothing to look forward to (after all, when's the next time we can take a vacation or get loads of presents??!! LOL)

January through April are gloomy enough until we can really feel spring in the air, and each winter I hope and pray for mild enough weather that we don't have anything to worry about.

Sigh. A girl can dream.

Still...it's too early to panic. There are still too many variables out there, so hopefully none of these possibilities will actually become reality for us.

But if you would like to read all about Dan's grizzly potential forecast, CLICK HERE.


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