We are hours before Valentine's Day and the romance pressure is on at the Jersey Shore to express your love. 

We have all been through many Valentine's Days over the years and one thing we have learned is that there are a few tell tale signs that the shopping was last minute. Now let's remember, we live in a busy world and we had snow last week, so maybe he has a good excuse

Regardless, we came up with three signs that he may have shopped last minute for your Valentine's gift. Now remember, that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I, for one, shop last minute all the time  Here we go,

Receipt denial. Maybe you want to exchange the gift or get a different color and he doesn't want to hand over the receipt. It's lost, he didn't get one or he'll return it himself. Remember, that receipt has the purchase date right on top.

Not his style. Or yours for that matter. If the gift is something he would never buy or you would never want, it might be a sign his options were limited. In other words other people already bought the good stuff.

It's in the envelope. If the color of the envelope doesn't match the color of the card or if the envelope is the wrong size, it's a sign he got to the card section after everyone else. Just feel lucky you didn't a "Valentine For My Favorite Cousin" card.

Having said all this, I want to wrap this up by sticking up for the last minute shopper. There are a hundred reasons this could happen and it doesn't necessarily mean anything when it comes to how much he loves you.



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