You constantly hear about the middle class in New Jersey, but what exactly does that mean. Are you considered a middle class family in the Garden State?

That is the question that attempted to answer for each state in the nation. So what did they define 'middle class' as for residents of the Garden State? Here are their results.

You can consider yourself a middle class family in New Jersey if your income lands in the following categories...

Income range for 2 person family... $52,151.46 to $155, 676.

Income range for 3 person family... $65,418.80 to $195,280.

Income range for 4 person family... $79,354.80 to $236,880

And if you're wondering if those numbers are high compared to the rest of the country, they are. But deep down you knew that already.

For a two person family, New Jersey ranks 4th. If you have a three person family in New Jersey, your range is ranked the highest in the nation, and the range for 4 person families in the Garden State is ranked 2nd.

So, once again, a very common theme continues when it comes to money in the Garden State. You need more of it than most people in the country to get the same thing as people in other parts of the country.

As an example, a family of three in our neighboring Pennsylvania need a combined income of anywhere from $13,000 to $40,000 less than we do in the Garden State to be considered middle class. Ouch.

It literally is the price we pay to live in the Garden State, and it may be great but it's also really expensive.

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