If you grew up in the Garden State, that says something about you. Do you know exactly what it says?

This information comes to us courtesy of Country Living, which defined what growing up in each state says about you in a recent publication. So what do they think growing up right here in New Jersey says?

Well apparently, the research wasn't too in depth. They say if you grew up in New Jersey, then you 'go down the shore', not 'to the beach'. My thought...Odds are you don't do either because if you grew up here, you'll know there's probably no parking.

They also say 'you've never really learned how to pump you own gas'. My thought...and most of us don't want to. I'll stay in the warm car, thank you.

Country Living also says that "breakfast isn't complete without Taylor Ham or Pork Roll". My thought...I'd pass on both for a piping hot cup of coffee.

There are so many things that say something about you if you grew up in New Jersey, like it's the most generous state I know with the nicest people around. What do you think growing up in New Jersey says about you?

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