The latest Jersey Shore Poll results are in and we now know which Great Adventure thrill ride is the most thrilling.

If you love thrill rides, then Great Adventure is a dream com true, with so many exciting choices. We thought it would be difficult for Jersey Shore residents to choose the most thrilling.

Turns out  we were wrong about that, and even though five different thrill rides got votes in our Jersey Shore poll, there was one that got a clear majority of the votes and is now crowned "Most Thrilling Ride" at Great Adventure.

So which ride topped your list of Great Adventure thrill rides? Well, the king of the rides is...Kingda Ka, and quite frankly, it wasn't really even that close.

Other rides did get their share of votes. For example, El Toro and Zumanjaro each got 7% of the vote. Batman received 13% to place it in the third spot.

So which ride came the closest to Kingda Ka in our poll? It was Nitro, which got a very respectable 20% of your votes. But nothing really even came close to the Kingda Ka vote total.

The tallest coaster in the world grabbed 53% of the votes. I guess when you're 456 feet tall and go from 0 mph to 128 mph in less than 4 seconds, you're destined to be crowned "Most Thrilling Ride" at Six Flags Great Adventure, at least according to this poll.

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