We have a ton of great attraction here in the Garden State, but do we a have a good one that's underrated?

Well, according to Good Housekeeping, the Jersey Shore's attractions aren't the underrated one's. As a matter of fact, if you're looking for the attraction that doesn't get enough credit, you have to go just about as far south in the state you possibly can.

Good Housekeeping set out to list each state's most underrated attraction, and for the Garden State, that honor went to the Cape May Ferry. Of all the attractions in New Jersey, the Cape May Ferry? I mean the Ferry is great, but we have so many attractions, right?

I guess this is a good indication that all of the attractions here in Monmouth & Ocean Counties are getting their share of publicity. I think we all know it's tough to keep any secrets here at the Jersey Shore.

It's hard to be a tourist destination like we are, and keep anything underrated. And even if we knew of some, we'd probably want to keep that information close to the vest, and try to keep something for ourselves.

But if there are some great hidden attractions here at the Jersey Shore, please share them with the rest of us here in Monmouth & Ocean Counties. We promise you, we won't tell a soul.

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