You know by now the day everyone has been anticipating has arrived. It's solar eclipse day. So here are some things you need to know about today's rare event.

The solar eclipse will happen today and you may have a few questions about it for us here at the Jersey Shore, so let's give you some of the answers you're looking for.

What time does it start? In our area, you will begin to see the effects of the eclipse at about 1:20pm, according to our meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

When will most of the view of the sun be blocked? The maximum amount of sun blockage will be about 2:45pm.

How much of the sun will be blocked? We are not going to see 100% blockage, but we still will have somewhere between 70% and 78% coverage in our area, according to

Will the weather cooperate? According to our meteorologist Dan Zarrow, we should be able to get enough breaks in the clouds to get a good view of it. Check out Dan's

What is the safest way to view the eclipse? Obviously no one should look directly at the eclipse without taking every precaution. Check out NASA's Total Eclipse Safety page to get all their suggestions for safest viewing.

When is it over? Things get back to normal at around 4:00pm this afternoon here at the Jersey Shore.

So we hope you safely enjoy today's very rare event! The last time New Jersey was able to view an eclipse was back in May of 1994!

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