If you haven't been to this amazing aquarium in Point Pleasant Beach lately, it's time to go see their beautiful renovations and updates!

If you think back, there used to be a psychic next door to the aquarium on the boardwalk. Well, the fortune-teller is now gone and Jenkinson's Aquarium has used that extra space to expand their entrance and opening display area.

Here are just a few photos so that you can get an idea of the world you will enter once you come inside this incredible place. For adults and kids alike, it is truly another world that is a must-see.

The entrance alone is pretty cool. From the outside (on the boardwalk) there is a video screen so that you can see some of what goes on inside. Then, once inside, there is an incredible wall decoration made out of driftwood found on the beach in Point Pleasant and shaped like a giant crab. That one-of-a-kind piece of art was created by Jeanette Wehner of Mermaids Masterpiece.

Stay tuned for new and exciting additions (maybe a new seal? or a sloth???) coming soon!

Meanwhile, CLICK HERE to see the adorable baby penguin video I got to take earlier this week!

And CLICK HERE to see some of the fun we have on the boardwalk with our Jenk's Aquarium friends!

Take a day (preferably before all the tourists arrive!) and visit this relaxing, incredible place with your kids or even to hold hands on a date!!!

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