How do you think your household income compares to the average household income in New Jersey? The results may surprise you.

We all know that there are many rich people here in the Garden State, and they will probably raise the average. So, how much you wonder? Enough to make New Jersey one of only 4 states (including D.C.) to have a six-figure average household income.

To be more specific, New Jersey ranks third in the nation with an annual household income of $101,634, topped only by Connecticut and the District of Columbia, the latter having an average annual household income of $110,614, according to

The publication says the main reasons for the impressive average here in the Garden State is due to the fact that we are a center for healthcare and biopharmaceutical companies as well as IT and more.

We probably should all remember that because the richest among us in New Jersey make so much, that the average isn't really, well, the average because those huge incomes affect it so much.

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