Even when the conditions are good for driving, we see some really bad driving habits at the Shore. Add some snow, and it goes from bad to worse.

There are so many bad habits we see on Jersey Shore roads when the snow hits, that it is hard to narrow them down to the two or three that drive us the most crazy. I've talked with many Jersey Shore residents about it, and here are some of the habits I heard people complain about most often.

The speed demon. What part of slippery, snowy conditions do some people have such a difficult time absorbing. The speed demon is the driver who feels the need to go maximum speed no matter what the conditions. Come on guys! Just use your head on this one. You're making it more dangerous for all of us.

The half cleaner. When you're cleaning off your vehicle, clean the whole car off! There's always a couple of people who carve out a small hole in their windshield and then just hit the road, only to have all that snow flying off their car and onto the road and other cars. That is incredibly dangerous, and if I'm not mistaken, against the law. Clean the whole car off or don't take the car on the roads!

The passer/tailgater. Every time it snows and we have to be on the road we do what we have to do, and that is slow down and be as careful as possible. But that doesn't mean there aren't a few geniuses who still have to tailgate you and try to pass you every chance they get, whether the conditions in that passing lane are safe or not.

So, there's some venting on some bad 'driving in the snow' habits that some Jersey Shore residents are guilty of, and most area residents have experienced. Now we want you to let us know which of them is the one that drives you the most crazy. Get your vote in now.

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