You'll never guess which state has the highest real estate property taxes in the entire nation, or maybe you already have.

Everyone who has lived in New Jersey for at least one minute has a very good guess for the question of which state has the highest real estate property taxes, and their guess would likely be absolutely right.

Obviously, New Jersey gets the crown of highest real estate property taxes and some of the numbers are just brutal. Here are some stats that will have you shaking your head, according to

When it comes to annual taxes on homes valued at the state median, the Garden State pays a whopping $7601, which is over two thousand dollars more than the second highest state (Connecticut, $5443).

Our effective real estate tax rate is also the worst in the nation, at 2.4%, and the more you look at the data, the less you want to look a the data and the more you want to find yourself a 'For Sale' sign.

For the record, Wallethub studied the 50 states and the District of Columbia, and New Jersey ranked #51. That's dead last. Or first worst, depending on if you're a glass half full or empty kind of person.

I think we a re all sick and tired of being the state that pays the most for just about everything, and I think we're all waiting for some actual relief, not just politicians talking about relief.

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