At least somebody's using the treadmill. You see things and you just have to have them, or you just know it's something you'll use over and over again. You get them, and you hardly ever use them. has come up with the top 10 things you buy but don't use, and not surprisingly one involves getting in shape...or not.. Take for instance the exercise equipment.

Whatever your choice of equipment, the plan is always the same. If you have it, you'll use it to get in shape, right? Here's the good news. You were right about one will use it. Congratulations on your new clothing holder. Don't feel bad, at least the dog likes to nap on it.

What else comes to mind when you think of purchases you don't use as often as you thought you might. Well, you don't have to look any further than your phone. How many apps were the greatest ever and you just had to have it. And then you forget it's there.

And here's one you might never think of. Canned soup. Yep, the average house has six cans in the cabinet and according to Campbell's chief executive, Doug Conan, "people forget it's in the pantry".

So think twice before you make that next impulse purchase!