My alarm went off at 4:30 am, I think I clicked the snooze button a few times but going back to sleep was not an option. I rolled out of bed and forced myself to experience a beautiful morning in Belmar.

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3 things...

1. I live in Wall Township off of Belmar blvd. so I am in Belmar or on Belmar Beach almost every day. Obviously, I love the summer but the tourist madness can make me go a little crazy. So this morning, driving through Belmar at 5 am felt nice. There were no bad drivers and there were no congested roads, it was just me enjoying a calm morning drive to the beach. Honestly, it was a perfect reminder of why living near a beach is good for the soul.

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2. The reason why I got up so early was that the waves were fun. Hurricanes and the winter season bring in the best swell but sometimes surfers can get lucky in the summer. If I'm not working, I am usually in the ocean bodyboarding. This September, I will be competing in the Belmar Pro. I will be going up against professional bodyboarders from all over the world, one guy is flying in from the Dominican Republic! HAHA! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! My goal is to finish any place but last. So yeah... the beach was beautiful, the ocean was warm, and the sunrise was one of a kind. It was a tremendous morning on Belmar Beach.

3. After a couple of hours in the ocean, I needed breakfast. There are a ton of great spots but I decided to grab a bagel at Joe's Bagel & Grill. I kept it simple and got an everything bagel with cream cheese but let's talk about this place! It seems like Joe's Bagel & Grill is taking over the Jersey Shore. Everywhere I look there is a new shop opening up! Totally well deserved because they provide great food. They will soon be opening a new location in Marlboro.

As you know, I love living at the Jersey Shore and Belmar is just one of many great towns. Thanks for reading! - Jimmy G

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