There are certain foods that we all know come with a price when we choose a breakfast food. There are some that may surprise you though.

We all know that bacon and sugary cereals would make the list. But there may be foods you think are really good choices that might not be as good as you think. Here are a couple of examples from

Fruit Yogurt...Some store brand that combine yogurt and fruit for you may contain high fructose corn syrup or some artificial ingredients. The experts say the best bet is to get plain yogurt and mix the fruit in yourself.

Breakfast Bars...So many people make this choice as a healthier one, and they often are, but beware. Experts say some are the equivalent of having a chocolate bar for breakfast.

Fruit Smoothies. Home made are great, but if the smoothie is store bought remember the fruit flavor may actually be sugar and there may be ice cream in it instead of milk or yogurt.

Breakfast can be the toughest meal of the day. We are all in a hurry and the last thing we have is extra time to do morning research. So check out your choices now and be prepared for tomorrow morning. Choose wisely!

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