health tips

Drinking Enough Water?
Whether you're dieting, working out, trying to be healthier or all of the above, you're probably tracking how much water you're drinking each day.
Don't Skip Breakfast
It's so easy to be in such a rush in the morning that you just skip breakfast, but recent reports are giving us all very compelling reasons to take a minute and have that breakfast.
Stop Wearing Heels
You love your heels. They look great and you look great in them. So, what would happen if you stopped wearing them? You'd feel better.
Breakfast Foods
There are certain foods that we all know come with a price when we choose a breakfast food. There are some that may surprise you though.
Drinking Water Wrong?
There's little doubt that drinking water is a healthy choice, but what if you're drinking it wrong? Yes, there is a wrong way to drink water.
Lazy Work Out Tips
It's bathing suit season at the Jersey Shore, so everybody is thinking about working out. Some are doing it and some are feeling like they can't get inspired.
Sleeping Separately?
You would expect a married couple to say goodnight then roll over and fall asleep. Turns out many are saying goodnight and then one of them walks out of the room to sleep somewhere else.

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