You love your heels. They look great and you look great in them. So, what would happen if you stopped wearing them? You'd feel better.

If you stopped wearing your heels right now, according to Women's Health, several good things would happen for you. Here are some of the advantages of stepping out of the heels.

Your Back Will Feel Better. No surprise here, but it's a pretty good bonus for getting out of the heels.

Your Legs Will Get Longer. It's true according to a published report.. Heels cause shorter strides and shorter calf muscles.

You Will Have Better Balance. Seems pretty obvious, but a study found that a couiple of years of heel wearing causes an imbalance in the muscles on the sides of the ankles and the front and back.

So, next time you make a shoe choice, keep this stuff in mind. It doesn't always have to be the heels!

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