There's little doubt that drinking water is a healthy choice, but what if you're drinking it wrong? Yes, there is a wrong way to drink water.

Experts say the trick is in your choice of water, according to an expert in an article at Remember, when you grab your water at your local store, not all of it is the same, and here are some of the things the experts say to watch out for.

Too Much Sodium...If you like mineral water but want to limit sodium intake, be careful which you choose. Some are high in sodium.

Watch The Flavored Waters...Some could contain over 100 calories per bottle, and many use refined sugar, artificial colors, or artificial flavors.

Coconut Water...Everybody's drinking it, but you might want to keep this in mind. It's not the magical health drink some people think. It does provide potassium, but outside that, some experts say it offers little additional nutritional value, and it has about 45 calories a cup.