If you haven't had your first cup of coffee yet, or you're about to start your second, you should read this.

You may be convinced that coffee isn't a bad choice for your first morning drink. But it may not be the coffee itself that is the problem. It may be everything you've been putting in it.

Here are some examples of things you shouldn't be adding to your coffee according to experts, in a report at msn.com.

Shots of flavor...those shots of hazelnut, french vanilla and hazelnut can contain 19g of sugar per ounce!

Sugar substitutes...some studies say some are linked to "impaired glucose metabolism" which could cause sugar cravings and lead to health issues.

Sugar..so after all that you figure if you're going to sweeten your coffeee, you better use sugar. Not so fast. If you have three cups a day and use 2 teaspoons in each, you're taking in 48 g.

Sorry for the not so sweet news. Thought you should know.


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