Alright ladies, it's time for you to help us build the perfect Jersey Shore man. Over the next week or so we are going to physically and mentally build the dream man.

Each day this week we'll ask you to answer one question that will be another piece in the perfect Jersey Shore guy puzzle. First we have to figure out what he's going to look like and we start with height.

Now we know it takes more than good looks to make the complete Jersey Shore man, but we have to start somewhere, right? So what is the perfect height for the perfect guy at the Jersey Shore?

I personally think you girls overrate height, but I guess I would as I stand here at 5'2". I have a feeling that my height will not be the top pick in this survey. All that matters is that you vote with your heart.

So the first piece of the perfect Jersey Shore man puzzle is his height, Vote now and we'll have these results and the next question tomorrow morning. Vote in all the polls and get your friends to vote, too.


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