Cyber Monday is here as the holiday shopping season is officially in full swing. How much shopping will the Jersey Shore do today?

The Thanksgiving turkey is digested (for the most part), Black Friday has come and gone, and now our next shopping opportunity has arrived. It is Cyber Monday and the Jersey Shore is ready!

I did the Black Friday show live from Freehold Raceway Mall, and from all accounts the day looked like a huge success, and it was great seeing everyone soaking in the holiday atmosphere and taking advantage of some great deals.

Today is another day full of shopping opportunity, and or next Jersey Shore poll is to find out just how much shopping you plan to get done today, so let's get the voted started (since we all know you're going to spend most of the day on line anyway).

So, exactly how much shopping does the Jersey Shore plan to accomplish this Cyber Monday? Put the percentage of your holiday shopping you plan to get done today in the Comment section below!

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