Do you think the Jersey Shore still has to deal with a bad reputation based on the Jersey Shore TV show?

It's been a long time since The Situation, Snooki and JWoww were capturing daily headlines during the run of MTV's Jersey Shore. The show certainly had an impact on the reputation of our area back then.

But do you think that reputation still exists, and do you think it actually affects tourists decisions when making vacation choices? I didn't really think so, but lately I've had reason to change my mind.

The internet is overloaded with the "places you have to see" and "bucket list vacation spot" content and I check out a lot of it. And lately, I've noticed that some articles are steering tourists away from our area, citing places that are away from "Snooki" area.

Here's a great example of exactly what I'm talking about. When PopSugar came up with the top summer travel destination in each state, as reported at, guess where they chose? It was Cape May.

Want to know why? Of course the Victorian charm is part of it, but so is the fact that the beaches of Cape May are "far from the world of Snookie and JWoww in Jersey Shore".

So do you think the show Jersey Shore still has a negative impact on our area? Vote now.

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