With only one other location in NJ (Hoboken), Artichoke Basille's Pizza will be a huge addition to the Jersey Shore!

This beloved pizza that you'd normally have to go to Greenwich Village to try is soon opening up shop right next to the Red Bank Diner at 177 Broad Strreet!

Pizzaiolos, cousins, and best friends Sal and Fran -- that's Sal Basille and Francis Garcia -- are 4th generation restaurateurs who were born, as they like to say, with garlic and oil in their DNA.

They opened their first location of Artichoke Basille's in the East Village of NYC in 2008. Since then, they have expanded to 12 hugely successful locations (including Times Square)...but Red Bank will be only their second in our whole state!

If you've passed by any of their NYC locations, you'll see what seems like a never-ending line (with frequent celebrity sightings) of people who say it's worth the wait to grab a slice of this legendary thick-cut pizza.

I was once walking the High-Line in NYC and when I walked down the stairs in Chelsea I was simply fascinated by the long line of people outside Artichoke Basille's waiting for a slice....so of course I had to try it (and yes it is amazing!)

Known for the famous artichoke pie, they also serve a mean crab meat pizza pie and so many other mouth-watering types of slices! Fran and Sal even have a cook book out, called Staten Italy.

The new Red Bank location will offer both dine-in and take-out when it opens... hopefully before the end of the year! So why Red Bank? Well...for one thing, it's the place where Fran met and fell in love with the woman he ended up marrying! But also because, they say, it's a town with a lot of heart.

PS...This is NOT the same place as Basille's Restaurant in Middletown that also serves artichoke pizza.

For more details from the original story, CLICK HERE.

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