I have seen it first hand a million times. When there are neighbors, children, first responders, or anyone else in need of help, Monmouth and Ocean counties, and all of New Jersey for that matter, always comes through. We reach into our pockets, even when there's not a lot in them to do what we can. We're good neighbors, good friends and good people! So when is Hollywood going to get it? Hey Hollywood..stop the New Jersey jokes!

I'm sick of putting the TV on and seeing shows like How I Met Your Mother, among many others, take shots at  the Garden State. Is Hollywood, the single most dysfunctional town on the planet, really making fun of us?

The writers of these jokes should be embarrassed with themselves for even writing the jokes. They're obvious and we've heard them all a thousand times. Instead of taking the easy way out and using an old Jersey joke when they can't think of anything else, maybe they can skip one of their four course lunches and actually be creative.

Don't get me wrong, we're not perfect here in New Jersey, and we can laugh at ourselves as much as the next state, but why are we put in that position more often than anybody else ? We're a great place with great people and deserve respect for it.

So, share this with anyone you know who loves our great state. Let's remind ourselves what an awesome place we live in, since it seems nobody else is going to!

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