Hey! I first want to start by thanking you for listening to the Jersey Shore Morning Show. It's been a little over 2 months since I started my new role as the morning show Executive Director. Lou, Shannon, & I are very thankful for you listening every morning. Please keep having fun with us weekday mornings from 6 am - 10 am.

As you probably know, Lou, Shannon, and I enjoy thinking outside the box. Every morning we come up with ways to keep you informed and entertained. Individually, we each bring a unique perspective to the show. Lou is a local radio legend, who also happens to be a terrific grandpa. Shannon is extremely talented at radio and being a mother. There is also me who is the idiot that brings asinine topics to the show, like this one below.

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The Top 10 Wildest Places People Hooked Up At In Monmouth County, NJ

Just so you know, I have been gathering data for a few months months and I finally came up with a top 10 list. I was looking for the best of the best, the most shocking Monmouth County locations, and I think I found the top 10. The people who created this list are my friends and also listeners who wanted to secretly be a part of the fun. Both females and males had a say. I am keeping everything anonymous, but the quotes are real!

The Top 10 Wildest Places People Hooked Up At In Monmouth County

Missing any places? Do you have a spot that is better than the ones above? Comment & Share, or call into the show - 732-643-0943

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