When it comes to the Christmas season, all of us here at the Jersey Shore have our share of pet peeves, but for me this one takes the cake.

Forget the lines and the crowded parking lots. Don't worry about toy you can't find at any store and all the traffic on every road in a two county area. .And it's not getting all your decorations just right.

My pet peeve is called 'where the hell did the Scotch tape go?. Every time I start to wrap a gift, the Scotch tape immediately disappears. I just used it, haven't moved and yet it's still gone. And it happens 5 times for each gift you're trying to wrap.

You know what I mean. You're sitting on the floor and you just cut a piece of wrapping paper to fit the gift you're wrapping. You fold the paper and have it in exactly the right spot. You hold it with one finger and you reach down to get the tape.

You don't see it. But wasn't it right there? There's the scissor, there's the bow and just two feet away is your glass of Baileys, but you know the question you're about to scream at the top of your lungs."Where the hell is the tape"?

This is a Christmas mystery that may never be solved. We heard a rumor that the only three people who know the answer to the Christmas tape mystery are the Elf on the Shelf, Grinch's dog Max and Santa himself. And they're not talking.

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