Tourist season mostly brings nice people to the Jersey Shore. But a percentage of tourists do some annoying things, and now we know the most annoying of them all based on your votes.

We asked you to fill in this blank..."The worst bad tourist habit is the way they..." and you completed that sentence with many legitimate answers. The choices "are too loud", "park" and "dress" each got 2% of the vote.

"Act on the beach" got 11%, and "litter" got 22%. That brings us to the top two answers. According to you, the second worst habit bad tourists have is how they "take over". You know the feeling. There are those who spend a few days here and act like they own the place.

So what's the worst habit bad tourists have? You probably saw this one coming. Where does every conversation about New Jersey wind up? On the roads of course, and this poll was no different.

The worst habit of bad tourist is the way More than a third of you (37%) chose it as the answer, and who can blame you? Our summers are full of 40 in the left lane, blinkers that never get turned off and confused looks at jughandles, circles and intersections.

There you have it. The worst bad tourist habit according to you. Thanks for your votes!

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