As the first wave of summer weather hit this week, we wondered where residents of the Jersey Shore go to cool down.

We're lucky at the Shore since we have the beach and the boardwalk just a quick car ride away and we're never too far from a pool, but when it comes to the top destination to cool off on a hot day, Jersey Shore residents don't travel far.

To be even more accurate, we don't travel at all. at least most of us don't. about 3% of those who responded to our poll head to the pool. Another 3% will travel to the nearest adult beverage, and another 3% head to a restaurant.

Here's a bit of a surprise. Only 18% of area residents head to the beach or boardwalk to beat the heat. So where is everybody going? The answer is...nowhere. A whopping 72% of the residents of one of the great summer destinations in all the world stay home with the air conditioning on.

And who can blame us, right? Parking is easier at home and there aren't any loud tourists invading our personal space. Crank up the AC, park the car in the driveway and try to forget the world for a minute. That's a hot summer day at the Shore!

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