We have all heard the Jersey jokes and New Jersey stereotypes and we generally roll our eyes and move on, but do some of these stereotypes hold a bit of truth to them?

Most of us think of these stereotypes and shake our heads because they really don't apply to the Jersey Shore even though everybody else in the country seems to be convinced that they do.

We can blame most of it on TV, movies and comedians that don't really have a clue about the Garden State, but are all of them ridiculous, or is there at least a little bit of truth to some of them?

Let's be honest, we don't all have big hair and we all aren't rude on the roads and we don't all talk like The Situation. But if we're being real here, let's admit this much. Some of us do, are and do, respectively.

So the question for our Jersey Shore poll today is...if you had to pick the New Jersey stereotype that's most true, which would it be? Cast your vote and we'll have results tomorrow!

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