We asked Jersey Shore residents how excited they were about this year's Academy Awards and the results were an accurate glimpse into the show's ratings results.

Here's the reaction to the 2017 Academy Awards from Jersey Shore residents...yawn. An incredible 53% said that The Oscars are just "rich people getting richer" and they never watch.

An additional 20% said "they could take it or leave it" while another 20% like the red carpet more than the actual show, meaning over 73% of those responding had a negative reaction to the show and another 20% were neutral at best.

That left 7% who said they "love the show" whether they know the movies or not. If the results surprise you, they shouldn't. At least not according to this year's Academy Awards ratings, which were the lowest since 2008, according to the LA Times.

Maybe tour bus visits, Kimmel vs. Damon, and announcing the wrong winner of best motion picture may get people interested for next year, and maybe not. And maybe politics is playing a part in people's viewing decisions.

Whatever the reasons, Jersey Shore voters knew it was coming, according to our latest Jersey Shore poll.

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